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Alpha Bank - Alt produs

15 Ianuarie 2021

Opinia personala cu privire la interactiunea si relationarea cu functionarii agentiei Liviu Rebreanu, sector 3 - Extrem de neprofesionisti si nepregatiti. - Lipsiti de orice cunostinte cu privire la notiuni elementare, de ex tutore. Mi s a recomandat in repetate randuri de catre diversi angajati sa merg la notar, in conditiile in care exista sentinta judecatoreasca definitiva si irevocabila de instituire a tutelei. Le recomand personal ceva cursuri sau un simplu search Google. In secolul internetului si totodata al pandemiei, raspunsul pe care l primesc telefonic de la reprezentantul sucursalei mentionate a fost acela ca nu mi pot furniza o adresa de email si ca sunt nevoita sa ma deplasez la sediul bancii pt a o obtine. Momentul in care voi incheia orice fel de colaborare cu Alpha Bank merita a fi sarbatorit.

Adina Adina Constantin (, )

BCR Banca pentru Locuinte - Banca pentru locuinte

13 Ianuarie 2021

As dori sa fiu inclusa in grupul de Whatsapp: 0720.500803. Va multumesc!

Alexandra Alexandra (, )

BCR - Banca pentru locuinte

11 Ianuarie 2021

Va rog sa ma adaugati si pe mine in grup pentru a intra in proces cu BCR si BPL fiind si eu pacalita cu acest program de economisire .Nr.meu de tel.este 0721338617

Stefana Saulea (, )

BCR Banca pentru Locuinte - Banca pentru locuinte

07 Ianuarie 2021

Acum cativa ani am facut o alegere foarte nefericita - si anume BCR - BPL. Din pacate, am 3 BPL-uri deschise - eu, sotul si copilul. Va rog, sa ma adaugati, in cazul in care se va demara un proces comun, in grupul dumneavoastra. Multumesc, Alina Florentina Saracu - 0741407475, saracu_alinaflorentina@yahoo.com

Saracu Alina Florentina (, )

Banca Transilvania - Internet banking

06 Ianuarie 2021

(sorry in English and written fast) For more the 15 years I have BT24 internet banking and decided to open Neobt Internet banking not knowing that my BT24 account will remain To open private the internet was no problem but could not find any information about transferring my company account. Here the drama started calling after waiting for hours online and finally after a complain things start moving, received a password to open the online account. Without knowing and surprised I saw in Neobt beside my company account also my private account that I opened before online. After logging in I changed my password and at the next login beside the sms code I was requested to put a new password. Put another password not working, before blocking the account put the sms code and two times the existing password, and surprised the application opened. A few times it was working but suddenly it didn't work anymore, after username and password it went automatic back to the start position. Tried a few times and called the support again, waiting waiting telling the problem, yes you entered the wrong password three times. Ok let’s make a new password, put name, in log data and CNP not working, your CNP is not correct, what I take it from my Romanian ID. No you have to put your date of birth, then your Dutch ID number without the last digit, WHY make it so complicated?? Opened Neobt and stay online I will change the password and the same problem after closing again ask two times the password. Try on another browser, ok but still the same problem, I will call you back........ Sir try this try that, not working, I will call you back. Sir, SOME clients have this problem it is a glitch in the software we are working on it, What after all this you tell me something you know and if you say a few clients I don't believe, Why don't you inform the client via the Neobt and BT 24 banking via a message? Losing all trust in a system that have to manage more internet banking systems I decided to close the Neobt internet banking accounts. So, call them like opening the account, the regulations are that you have to go to the bank to close the account. Sorry can you connect me through I don't agree with this am in the risk age, he just close the phone!!! Called back got a friendly person on the phone listened to my arguments that if you open this account online if necessary, with telegonic support you should also be able to close it this way. Especially because you don't close an account and not closing BT24. She agreed with me said these are the regulations, I did not make them and completed an internal complain form based on my BT account. I don't have the experience that things will change until the banks understand that the client is the base of their existence and that clients how big or small should be treated with respect and above all with a client friendly simple approach. Maybe we have to wait until most of the people have a bank account like for example holland where they give people presents and students credit to open an account. The approach is totally wrong and made a small survey in the company where I work of nearly 200 people. The outcome, 95% of the BT clients to said that they are to say it nice very unsatisfied with the service and procedures of BT bank. And example that stroke me was the story of one of my colleagues who told me the procedure with mobile banking when you change your phone number, terrible and for him even worse because just after he had to go abroad for his job. (I hope I never have to change my phone number again, he said!)

Johannes Keizer (, )

BCR Banca pentru Locuinte - Banca pentru locuinte

30 Decembrie 2020

Fac parte din categoria celor inselati de catre BCR banca pt locuinte cu 2 contracte din 2015. Va rog sa ma adaugati in grupul pagubitilor! dorubutean@yahoo.com 0751164162 Va multumesc! An Nou Fericit!

Teodor Butean (, )

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